High Quality, 100% Natural Maple Syrup

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Our mission is to put premium maple syrups and products in the hands of consumers around the world. Our products come in a surprising range of textures, making them suitable for all types of occasions. Discover incredible maple!

Our maple syrup is world renowned for its outstanding delicacy, purity and authentic flavour.

Our maple syrup is a true delight. Make today a maple treat day with our collection of maple candies, popcorn, fudge, maple caramels and more!

Our maple sugars and flakes are made from pure, premium-quality maple syrup. The delicate flavour and crispy texture of the maple flakes add a touch of elegance to any dish.

The search for new flavours and the interest of chefs in local products are contributing to the development of products to become sought-after culinary trends.

Make an occasion unforgettable, surprise a client or simply thank a friend with these high-quality gift packs.

High Quality, 100% Natural Maple Syrup

Hundreds of maple producers supply our syrup, which is painstakingly selected by our master sugar makers. Then, it is carefully inspected by our quality control team before being processed or bottled. Our maple syrup is outstanding in delicacy, purity and authenticity.

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Question mark made of green maple leaves between a spoon with maple flakes and maple syrup splash.

Did you know?

  • Pure maple syrup does not contain any additives or preservatives.

  • The Canadian grading system divides maple syrup into two different categories: Grade A and a food-processing grade. Bottled and canned maple syrups are all Grade A, while processing-grade syrups are used only as an ingredient in the production industry and cannot be sold in stores. Grade A maple syrup must be clear, have no objectionable odour or taste and must show a characteristic maple flavour.

    Grade A maple syrups are divided into four colours with taste descriptors: golden with a delicate taste, amber with a rich taste, dark with a robust taste, and very dark with a strong taste. The colour is expressed in terms of percentage of light transmittance and is measured with an instrument called a spectrophotometer. Generally speaking, the lighter the colour grade, the more delicate the flavour and the darker the colour grade, the stronger the taste.

    The colour of maple syrup depends on when it was produced during the season, there is no additional colouring or change in the manufacturing process. The composition of maple sap changes due to warming temperatures during the same harvest season: at the beginning, we get light syrup, while at the end, the syrup becomes darker.

  • Pure maple syrup is made from concentrated maple tree sap.

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Spoon filled with maple flakes beside a cell phone with maple syrup swirled on top.